Granted, nerf guns are great, but if you don’t upgrade them, you not going to do too well during a nerf battle. Upgrading your nerf gun should be at the top of your priorities especially if you want to wipe out your friends and come out victorious.

Yes, modifying a Nerf gun is an uphill task, but with the right tools and kits, it is likely going to be easier. Before choosing a nerf kit at a local store or online, try to foresee how that kit will improve your battle experience.

If you are able to do this, you will be able to select a kit that will give you an unfair advantage over your friend during a battle.

The following article by Sheknows shed light on some 10 best kits you may not know about.


Bandolier Magazine+ Soft Bullet Kit for Nerf N-Strike, Bandolier+ Magazine+ Soft Bullet Kit for Nerf N-Strike. Read more here.

You likely now know some nerf kits that can increase the firepower of your nerf guns. Even more, they will take your battling experience to a whole new level. Learning how to modify a Nerf gun on your own is no walk in the park. But there are some detailed guides on the internet and on some magazines that can aid you in modifying your nerf gun.

The following article by coop772 is basically a guide to upgrading some popular nerf guns.


Materials Used

Below is a list of materials I’ve used for Nerf projects. Listed will be the name of the item, what I’ve used it for, my opinion on the product, and a hyperlink to the product online. Read more here

You probably now know how to modify some of the popular nerf guns on the market. That said, one challenge you are likely going to face especially if you are new to nerfing is choosing among the many nerf guns and kits on the market. Picking the first one you see, or the one that looks good is not really a good idea. To choose a good one you have to do some research and read the reviews on the many nerf guns on the market.

The following article by cplnerf reviews one of the best nerf gun kit on the planet.


The Nerf Modulus blaster was a fairly disappointing release. It’s basically a big Stryfe with some extra parts and yet another different paint job to not fit with the Elite stuff. Read more here.

You likely now know how to use a nerf gun kits to upgrade a nerf gun. Some of these kits can be bought separately. This means that you don’t need to purchase a nerf gun to get the kits that comes with it. Keep in mind that if you don’t use these kits correctly, they may damage your nerf gun. This makes it critical for you to follow the instructions on the manual that comes with these kits.

Final note

The best way to make your nerf blaster perform better is to modify it. While this may not be easy, it is important, especially if you want to get an upper hand over your opponents during a nerf battle.  One challenge you are likely going to face when it comes to modifying your nerf gun is choosing among the many mod kits on the market.

True, nerf kits can make your nerf gun perform better, but if you don’t mount them correctly, they may reduce the performance of your nerf gun. Or even worse destroy your nerf gun.

So, before buying any nerf kit do some research to see how you can make it work with your nerf gun. Doing this will save you from making laughable mistakes that might be difficult for you to correct. 





Truth be told, unmodified nerf guns are just like toys. But when they are modified they become a superior firepower. So, if have been struggling during nerf battles with your friends and you want to turn things around, then you should consider modifying your nerf gun.

The world of nerf mods is indeed an interesting one. There are a lot of new parts and technology you can try out to transform your nerf gun into a weapon of mass destruction (figuratively).

Yes, upgrading a nerf gun is complicated. But with the right kit and insights, you will be able to make a superior weapon that will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

The following article by bestreview unveils 5 nerf guns you can easily modify.


The Nerf Blaster Modification Guide: The Unofficial Handbook for Making Your Foam Arsenal. Read more here.

You likely now know some nerf gun upgrade kits. That said, you need to keep it in mind that not all nerf guns are easy to modify. Do you know that it too a couple of years to upgrade some nerf guns? This shows that upgrading a nerf gun is not really a work in the park, it is hard. If you have a long-range nerf gun, then you should consider trying out any of the latest mods for it on the market.

The following article by smythstoys shed light on some amazing kits for a special long-range nerf gun.


Maybe you’ve already got the Nerf Modulus blaster (sold separately). But do you have what it takes to dominate the battlefield with it? Read more here.

 You probably now know a thing or two about the nerf modulus and how to upgrade it. Do you enjoy taking out your opponents like a stealthy jaguar during a nerf battle? If yes, then you should consider checking out the new stealth ops upgrade kit for the Nerf modulus. These kits are not only going to increase your accuracy but also your firing rate.

The following article by academy sheds light on some stealth ops kits for the Nerf modulus.


Maybe you’ve already got the Nerf Modulus blaster (sold separately). But do you have what it takes for undercover operations? Upgrade your blaster for covert operations with the Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit!  Read more here.

You surely now know how to turn your Nerf modulus into a beast that will give you an upper hand during a nerf battle. Keep in mind that these mods are best suited for covert operations. So if you are going for an all out nerf warfare where anything goes, these mods will give you the edge you need to come out victorious.

Final note

One thing you must never do especially if you want to win is to settle for a mediocre nerf gun. Yes, no two nerf guns are the same. That said, you need to keep in mind that that any nerf gun be modified.

True, upgrading a nerf gun is not easy but with study and practice you will get the hang of it. If you are new to nerf guns and you are finding it difficult to select a Nerf blaster that will be good for you, then you should, try out the Nerf Modulus.

This nerf gun has been lauded by a lot of nerf enthusiast obviously because it can be modified into long range and a stealth ops weapon.

Tips To Build The Right BI Infrastructure For Your Business

Business intelligence or BI means the tools and systems that strategically help a business in the planning process. It helps to put together, store, and analyze corporate data to help with decision-making. The technology in BI extracts information for users so that they can analyze the raw data they are presented with. BI software suite or BI tools are often used for the purpose. Support for IT infrastructure like hardware, database software and networking devices are also installed. Statistical analysis of customer or market-related issues, concerns on profitability and inventory management are some of the crucial areas where BI helps the most. Business analytics, a significant aspect of BI, helps to assess organization-wide operations in all the departments from marketing to production to innovation.

If you are looking for a Business Analytics partner in Singapore, you should consider Hitachi ICT Business Analytics Partner. They offer a wide range of analytics solutions and have good customer support. Visit their website for more.

Let’s look at how you can make BI more effective and build an infrastructure around it.

Problem-based solution – Follow an approach based on the problem at hand. Decide upon the metrics to be analyzed and then search for the required data. For instance, address pain points related to the conversion rate of your e-commerce business.
Practice anticipation within the pool of data – Out of the plethora of data, learn to categorize under different areas of concern. The next step would be prioritization of the information you have gathered. Develop a BI strategy to advance, solve and expand. If you are in marketing, give your strategy a personalized touch keeping the portfolio of your company and its interest guarded.

Enlist the full support of your staff – In order to do so, train them well. Motivate them to use BI as an extra advantage. Encourage them to use data and build their own insights based on the information they have. Ask them to give their own interpretation backed by the intelligence that your business already supports.

Use data judiciously – Look at the larger picture, be cautious and judicious with use of data. Consider all aspects. Remember if you don’t use BI with a comprehensive outlook, your interpretation will be flawed. Never forget to account for data reliability, availability and data completeness.

Trend analysis – Look into useful projections for trend by BI. Don’t forget to maintain and index it. Monitor any significant development or disturbance. Try to answer questions raised by looking at the trends. BI should be such that it meets your expectations and arms you with effective alternatives.

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